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Founded in early 2009, Ctrl Internet is a young dynamic internet company. Our main focus is that of developing new web properties and leveraging the potential of the internet to make them grow both in traffic and revenue. We do acknowledge that the internet has evolved into a highly competitive media platform but thanks to our experience and expertise we can proudly say that we’re successful in what we do. That said, we’re always open to new ideas and products that can sell online. If you believe that we could do collaborate together please feel free to contact us.

We also assist businesses in growing their online presence and success. Sometimes we do so against a fee whilst other times we agree with businesses to work on a revenue share basis.

Lastly we would like to highlight that at Ctrl Internet we love what we do and we’re very passionate about our work. We’re constantly challenging ourselves and striving for continuous success.

About Ctrl Internet

“We love what we do. This leads us to combine our vast knowledge with passion that provides the right mix for success.”


Developing medium to long term strategies with the aim of reaching our objectives by providing relevant content to our target audiences.

Affiliate Marketing

Building relationships with key partners that provide great products that relate to our target audiences.


Brainstorming and executing tactics to reach highly targeted audiences by leveraging organic and paid search traffic.


Optimizing at various levels to maximize return from all efforts.


Developing and nurturing partnerships is a very important aspect for successful businesses. At Ctrl Internet we are strong believers of developing healthy business partnerships that benefit both parties.

At present our main area of focus is the technology sector therefore we are always on the lookout to partner with key players in that particular field. We are also open to opportunities within other niches, especially if you have a high converting product or service that you would like us to promote on a revenue share basis. Feel free to contact us so that we may discuss further.

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